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Howard C. Cohen & Associates has over 40 years combined experience helping clients navigate through a wide range of legal issues.

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Who We Are

Guiding Clients Through Multiple Legal Issues

At Howard C. Cohen & Associates, our lawyers are uniquely positioned to represent individuals facing criminal charges, in addition to those involved in civil, administrative or regulatory investigations which may lead to criminal charges. The focus of our firm rests upon dealing with the innumerable legal issues which may arise in various legal areas and disciplines, contemporaneously.

Our area of expertise, at Howard C. Cohen & Associates, pertains to the representation of parties involved in both a criminal proceeding, in which charges have been laid, in addition to an administrative or a regulatory investigation which may result in the laying of criminal charges and the commencement of a civil lawsuit resulting from the same factual circumstances.

Examples of cases that frequently result in criminal charges and civil lawsuits include matters pertaining to:

At Howard C. Cohen & Associates, our knowledgeable lawyers can effectively represent you in both criminal and civil proceedings, and offer a global, unified strategy for all matters before the Courts.

What We Do

Navigating Clients Through The Intersection Of Criminal And Civil Law

We represent individuals in situations in which they may, otherwise, be obliged to retain the services of two or more separate counsel to adequately represent their legal interests. As such, the retainer of the services offered by our firm will assist in minimizing legal expenses and will ultimately promote a cohesive defence.

How We Do It

Our Approach To Law

We specialize in dealing with the interplay between civil and criminal law in all of its facets. Having handled both criminal and civil cases, we approach our cases utilizing skills from both areas of practice. In terms of civil litigation, we understand the importance of thorough investigatory practices and trial preparation. With respect to criminal defence, our lawyers have extensive experience in providing skilled trial advocacy for accused persons.


Firsthand Perspectives – An Advantage In Crafting Solid Defence Strategies

Extensive legal knowledge and experience form the foundation of our practice. But our effectiveness is also backed by complementary insight into other areas.

Our senior lawyer, Howard C. Cohen, is also a gun owner, firearms expert and a martial artist with a black belt in karate. He has personal, firsthand understanding of how firearms operate, the physical aspect of combat and the psychology behind self-defence.

By leveraging such insight, we are able to present a comprehensive, compelling defence before judge and jury. It’s one way that we deliver greater value and pursue optimal results to our clients.

Please be advised: Howard C. Cohen is not one and the same person as Howard W. Cohen or Howard William Cohen.


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