Controversy over new federal legislation on firearms

Controversy over new federal legislation on firearms

On behalf of Howard C. Cohen & Associates on June 19, 2019

In May 2019, the federal government passed a bill for updated precautions on firearm ownership. More “enhanced” background checks for firearm owners is one example of the types of provisions included in the bill that aimed to reduce instances of gun violence across the country. The bill is currently awaiting royal assent before it is passed into law.

However, some politicians do not support the bill, and are calling for it to be repealed. As posted in an article on, the controversy is over whether or not the stricter rules imposed on gun ownership will actually impact the gun crimes in Canada. And then there are others still who say that the bill is a start, but there is still more to be done to improve gun-related crimes in the country.

The changes to the legislation include giving the RCMP more power to scrutinize a buyer’s “entire life history” to identify any safety risks before continuing with a sale. Current laws only allow a look at an applicant’s previous five-year history.

There are also further rules as to how much information a retailer must collect and retain on a buyer, and for how long. The article also describes the changes to how an owner is allowed to transport a firearm as well.

For many gun owners in this country, there are many strict rules that must be followed, from how to store your gun to where you keep your ammunition. In order to make sure that you have complied with the existing laws, it’s best to familiarize yourself, or refamiliarize your self if you need clarification, on the current gun control laws in this country.

If you are facing criminal charges related to the operation of a gun, it’s best advised to consult with a criminal defence lawyer. Criminal charges can have a large impact on your ability to own or operate a gun in the future, so it’s crucial to understand the laws, and how they may apply to your situation.