Refresher on Federal Gun Law Amendments

Refresher on Federal Gun Law Amendments

On behalf of Howard C. Cohen & Associates on August 23, 2019

Earlier this year, the Federal government passed a bill that allowed revisions to existing firearms laws across the country. The changes were implemented in light of increased gun violence in Canada.

However, with recent reports of more gun violence in urban cities across Ontario, as well as news reports of more mass shootings across the border in the U.S., it may be a good time to remind Canadians exactly what changes were made, and how they intend to keep people safe.

As outlined on the Government of Canada site, the new bill received royal assent earlier this year in June 2019. The full list of amendments can be viewed on their website. Key highlights include:

  • Background checks that go back further than five years: This is to help identify people with a history of violence across a person’s lifetime.
  • Requiring business owners to keep point-of-sale records: This is to help police officers identify the owner of a non-restricted firearms.

In addition to the amendments to existing gun legislation, other government agencies, such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, have invested millions of dollars into prevention and enforcement measures across the next five years.

It’s important that gun owners understand the laws regarding gun ownership, as well as the consequences if you have been charged with a criminal offence. A criminal charge can carry hefty consequences, so if you have been criminally charged, it’s best advised that you consult with an experienced criminal defence lawyer. He or she will be able to help you identify the facts of your case, how the laws apply to your situation, and what your options are to pursue outcomes in your best interests.