Any disagreement can result in litigation that can threaten the profitability and future viability of a business. The Toronto lawyers of Howard C. Cohen & Associates focus on resolving disputes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible so that you can return to focusing on operating and growing your business.

Our lawyers have extensive experience representing businesses in complex disputes. For decades, we have negotiated and aggressively advocated for the interests of our commercial clients in court. We know how to interpret legislation, use case law to our client’s advantage and spot weaknesses in the other side’s arguments.

Representation In A Broad Range Of Business Litigation

We represent people and companies in a broad range of commercial disputes and disagreements, including matters pertaining to:

  • Applications for a broad range of injunctive relief including expertise in obtaining Mareva Injunctions
  • Claims against insurance companies and defence of insurance companies in disputes over insuring agreements.
  • Contract issues
  • Ownership (shareholder, member and partnership disputes)
  • Vendor and purchaser disagreements
  • Employment issues
  • Frauds by directors and shareholders, on behalf of or against a company
  • Oppression remedies under both the Canada Business Corporations Act and the Ontario Business Corporations Act for relief in favour of minority shareholders
  • Repair and Storage Lien Act disputes
  • Claims against all levels of government in Canada

Civil Disputes Arising Out Of Criminal Charges

The lawyers at Howard C. Cohen & Associates fight to preserve the reputation of our business clients by developing a focused strategy aimed at reducing or eliminating any related criminal charges. By doing so, we are able to strengthen our client’s civil case and either have the lawsuit struck or reduce the damages awarded against our client. By supporting our clients and aiming to preserve their reputation, we provide them with the peace of mind that allows them to move forward with their business.

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