Howard C. Cohen & Associates has multi-faceted experience in insurance claims of all varieties including a successful insurance appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. Often the ability to formulate a successful claim against one’s own insurance company is directly connected to the manner in which the claim is initially formulated.

At our Toronto firm, we provide claimants with support and reliable advice when fighting their insurance company. Backed by decades of experience representing individuals in insurance claims, we have the knowledge and skills to scrutinize the insurance policy and find weaknesses. We also provide legal support and assistance to clients by accurately filling out their proof of loss form.

High-Quality Insurance Litigation Experience

People need to know the importance of accurately filling out the proof of loss form and compiling appropriate documentation in preparation for litigation. Additionally, in actions relating to personal injury, one never knows when the particular defendant is sheltered by an insurance policy. This is especially true when suing real estate agents and other professionals for negligence and related actions. Howard C. Cohen & Associates’ experience in suing insurance companies gives our clients a real edge in understanding the strategy of insurance defence lawyers.

Representing Clients In Complex Insurance Litigation Proceedings

Our lawyers specialize in representing clients in criminal, civil and administrative matters. This knowledge and skill enables us to have insight into both the claimants and insurer’s position. Even where a claimant may not have a substantial case, we can examine the insurance policy to ascertain whether coverage for damages may still be feasible. We also anticipate the insurance lawyers’ arguments and strategize to counter their position. We strive to pursue the rightful compensation and damages you deserve.

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