When accused of professional misconduct, misrepresentation or fraud, individuals have a lot to lose. Their livelihood and reputation are at stake. An unsuccessful defence can seriously endanger their future employment prospects and earning ability.

The Toronto lawyers at Howard C. Cohen & Associates have represented professionals in criminal, civil and administrative proceedings for decades. Our firm has a broad range of experience in pursuing claims against professionals including doctors and dentists. We are particularly experienced in defending lawyers that have been sued or have disciplinary proceedings before the Law Society of Upper Canada.

A Proficient Defence

Facing a disciplinary investigation is difficult for any professional. It is a time of uncertainty pertaining to your current and future employment. You need highly knowledgeable and skilled lawyers who can develop a strong defence and minimize the harm to your professional life.

Our lawyers have over 40 collective years of trial experience. This experience is advantageous when arguing before an administrative tribunal, as we utilize oral and written advocacy skills gained through our experience in court. As a result, our clients receive the most efficient and effective representation, aimed at preserving their license and reputation.

A Unified Strategy

We understand that if a licensed professional is facing a criminal proceeding, they will most likely face a disciplinary hearing as well. Our area of expertise is assisting clients resolve all their legal issues by developing a global, unified strategy that aims to provide an optimal defence in each of their matters.

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