Why Choose Howard C. Cohen & Associates?

Howard C. Cohen & Associates provides clients with quality service, efficient and effective outcomes. We accomplish optimal results for our clients due to numerous factors, including:

Our Diverse Experience

Some law firms will not represent clients for both a criminal and civil matter. That means if you are involved in several legal proceedings, you will be obliged to retain more than one lawyer. We specialize in representing clients at the intersection of criminal, civil and administrative law. That means we can successfully represent you in multiple legal proceedings.

Our Senior Lawyer Is A Criminal Law Expert

Howard C. Cohen is a Certified Specialist in criminal law. He has been certified for almost two decades and uses his expert-level knowledge of both criminal and civil law to defend clients against even the most complex charges.

Proficient Civil Law Litigators

At Howard C. Cohen & Associates, our knowledgeable lawyers can represent you for a wide range of civil matters before the courts. We have handled a myriad of civil cases, from commercial disputes to Repair and Storage Lien Act litigation. We provide skilled trial advocacy for accused individuals involved in civil litigation.

Operating At The Intersection Of Criminal And Civil Law

Our firm is well-suited to defend clients against criminal charges and civil charges concurrently. We specialize in handling both criminal and civil cases equally, and use skills from both fields to build strong cases on behalf of our clients.

Hands On Knowledge Of Firearm And Drug Defences

Howard C. Cohen also has considerable experience and familiarity with weapons as an owner of firearms. This practical experience allows him a unique insight into how weapons are kept, operated and disposed. He uses that knowledge to provide a strong defence to his clients.

Representing Clients In Multiple Legal Matters

Our area of expertise is the representation of parties involved in criminal and civil matters. We also represent individuals in employment law, insurance disputes and professional licensing cases. If a client has several actions in different areas of law, we can provide representation for each matter.

Tell Us About Your Case

We are available to help you with a myriad of legal issues. Call our Toronto office today at 416-364-7436 or reach us through our convenient online form.